Cleaning Information System

Professional Cleaning

Quality assurance, process control and management of cleaning services

HYKE is the developer and provider of the HYKE Cleaning Information System (HYKE CIS) which is the first cleaning management and quality control system that provides real time information about all the cleaning activities. HYKE CIS intelligent cleaning devices support the common cleaning services, and continuously provide information about every move of the cleaning staff within the property. Thus HYKE CIS provides detailed information about the usage of materials and cleaning devices and the quality of the cleaning services.

No more forgotten or hidden spaces within the building, no more insufficiently used cleaning materials, no more hygienic issues, no more handwritten and incomplete cleaning documentation. The HYKE CIS can be used both by the end user and by the cleaning service for

The HYKE CIS can be used both by the end user and by the cleaning service for quality assurance and cost-effective control of the services.

Revolutionary core technology

Smart cleaning sytsems

HYKE CIS is based on the revolutionary core technology developed by HYKE. Our intelligent cleaning devices register every single movement of the cleaning staff. Time, used materials, mops, cleaned surfaces are registered and continuously synced with HYKE cloud system. Every cleaning process is automatically documented. The cleaning process can be monitored online both by the service provider and the end user through the cloud system.

Based on the registered information - such as cleaned surfaces, used materials, used equipment, check-in and check out of cleaning staff - detailed reports are generated to ensure a high quality cleaning process. Detailed, ready to use reports support the management to control the cleaning services:

▸Cleaning staff work report
▸Quality report: used materials vs. cleaned surfaces used equipment
▸Performance analysis of cleaning staff
▸Online cleaning work management
▸Finished cleaning places alerts

Florian Romacker,
founder, general manager

Karoly Szanto,
founder, technical manager